How the title of French Patent & Trademark Attorney is obtained

The French Patent & Trademark Attorney is an independent professional (Article R.422-52 CPI), a scientist, engineer and/or lawyer by initial training and holder of a specialist legal diploma.

He must have:

  • a High National Diploma, scientific, technical or equivalent.
  • a diploma awarded by the CEIPI, or an equivalent recognised qualification.
  • compliance with the prescribed diploma and professional practice conditions


  • professional practice of three years at least and success in a professional aptitude examination
  • professional practice of 8 years under the responsibility of a person qualified in industrial property.

These conditions enable him, subject to satisfying morality criteria, to be registered on the list of persons qualified in industrial property.

Once accepted on this list, the French Patent & Trademark Attorney must register on the list of patent attorneys.

French Patent & Trademark Attorneys are grouped together in a company, the CNCPI (Compagnie Nationale des Conseils en Propriété Industrielle - French Patent & Trademark Attorneys Institute).

They comply with strict professional ethics rules, in particular,

  • they are responsible with respect to their customers
  • they observe professional confidentiality, similar to that of lawyers, see Article L.422-11 CPI introduced by the law of 11 February 2004)
  • they may have no conflicts of interest.