CNCPI's structure

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The Executive Committee
The representatives and the Advisory Council of the French Patent & Trademark Attorneys Institute (CNCPI) were elected at the time of General meeting on December 13, 2016 in Paris, for two years 2017 and 2018.










The President Guylène LIESEL LE COSQUER
Vice-presidents: Emmanuel POTDEVIN, Aurore SIMON-DRUON, Patrice VIDON
Treasurer: Stéphanie CELAIRE
Secretary:Céline PIRES
Board Members: Charlotte MONTAUD, Christophe PELESE, Jean-Christophe ROLLAND

Represents the CNCPI in all matters
Convenes General Meetings and fixes the agenda
May act as a mediator in disputes

General Meeting

  • Convened at least once a year
  • Presided by the President of the CNCPI
  • Proceeds only if a quorum is present

Statutes on subjects on the agenda
Approves the Accounts Votes the Budget
Determines the Annual Contribution Rate

13 Committees

  • Code of Conduct & Best practices
  • Communication
  • Contracts
  • Europe
  • Future of the Profession & IT Development
  • International Relations
  • IP Evaluation & Fiscal Matters
  • Patents
  • Regional Actions
  • Relations with IP Offices
  • Trademarks
  • Training & Access to the Profession
  • Unitary Patent & UPCYoung Patent & Trademark Attorneys

Advisory Council
Former Presidents, ex officio members
15 Elected members
5 Elected subsitutes

  • Martine BLOCH-WEILL
  • Sophie DELAVEAU
  • Pierre-Louis DESORMIERE
  • Mehdi HOLUBEC
  • Gabriel de KERNIER
  • Guillaume de LA BIGNE
  • Pascale LAMBERT
  • Christophe MIGEON
  • Richard MONNI
  • Laurent NUSS
  • Jacques PEUSCET
  • Jean-Yves PLACAIS
  • Michel POUPON
  • Enrico PRIORI
  • Julien SCICLUNA
  • Christian TEXIER
  • Soazig THEMOIN
  • Sandrine VIMES
  • Virginie ZANCAN

Gives an opinion on matters submitted by the Executive Committee
Meets at least twice a year