Events & Meetings 2016

 November, 22, 2016 - CNCPI / ASPI Meeting with a PPAC Delegation, Patent Protection Association of China - Paris

A Chinese Delegation PPAC, Patent Protection Association of China was welcomed by Alain Michelet on 22 November. This Delegation wished to meet the actors of the Industrial Property, Members of the CNCPI and the ASPI.
The objective was to have exchanges on the organizations of professionals of the intellectual property in France and the management of the intellectual property by the French companies.

On this occasion, Philippe Conan and Pierre Gendraud, former Presidents of ASPI, spoke on:

  • The organization of ASPI
  • The management of IP in a large French company.

Alain Michelet, for his part, presented the organization of the Company.
Pierre Berbinau, CPI, presented the liberal profession of French Patent & Trademark Attorney in practice and customer relations.
About twenty people were present, after the presentation of the gifts a cocktail lunch closed the meeting.

Qing Xie and Alain Michelet (left) and Qing Xie and Philippe Conan at the Gift Show

 November 14 to 18, 2016 - CNCPI delegation visits China and Korea

A Delegation of the CNCPI, led by Alain Michelet, President, visited Chinese and Korean counterparts

November, 14, 2016 - ACPAA / CNCPI Joint Meeting – Beijing

The CNCPI Delegation was welcomed by Perry Yang, President of ACPAA with many ACPAA’s members.
At the beginning of this meeting, the members of the ACPAA presented the recent developments in Patents in China.
The Delegates of the CNCPI presented the following subjects:

  • The Impact of British Brexit on European patent system, possible countermeasures and available advice for foreign applicants – Alain Michelet
  • Fast-track Examination - Procedure for French patents - Acceleration of prosecution before EPO– Idriss Semaoune
  • Introduction about IP protection on French Exhibition and advice on IP protection of Chinese enterprises in French market – Patrice Vidon

The meeting ended with a dinner hosted by ACPAA.

The ACPAA Representatives (left), the CNCPI Delegation (on the right)
Messrs. Perry Yang and Alain Michelet (center)

November 15, 2016 - Meeting with Companies of Zhong GuanCun Park - Beijing

The CNCPI Delegation was welcomed to the Zhong GuanCun Park by 5 representatives of companies as well as 5 representatives of Chinese industrial property offices for an informal exchange.

A conference was held at the "Cafe du Magazine China IP" presented by one of the CNCPI Delegate, Aujain Eghbali, on the subject of the patentability of software and graphical user interfaces in Europe. Participants exchanged views.

The CNCPI Delegation during the exchanges, from left to right:
Alain Michelet, Gilles Escudier, Stève Félix, Idriss Sémaoune, Aujain Eghbali

November, 17, 2016 - Meeting KPAA - CNCPI - Seoul

The CNCPI Delegation was welcomed by Mr. Kyuwhan OH, President of KPAA, for a full day of exchanges.

The Korean counterparts presented:

  • Korean Patent Law Practice Update - Tae Jun SUH
  • What Korean Applicants look for in their European patent attorneys - Kwang-yeon LEE

A lunch was organized by the counterparts before the interventions of the Delegates of the CNCPI.

In the afternoon the subjects presented:

  • The Updates on European and French patent application - Idriss Semaoune
  • European Case Law on Design – Julien Scicluna
  • Recent case law on the appreciation of the validity of European Trademark Registrations- Stève Felix
  • The patentability of software and graphical user interfaces in Europe - Aujain Eghbali

The day ended with a dinner hosted by KPAA.

Photo Credit KPAA
The members of the KPAA and the CNCPI at the end of the presentations:
First row, sitting:
Julien Scicluna, Secretary of the CNCPI, Alain Michelet, Kyuwhan OH, Tae Jun SUH

November, 18, 2016 - Meeting with Korean start-up - Seoul

This visit was organized with the assistance of Anne-Catherine Milleron, International Delegate of INPI, based in Seoul, and the Representatives of DCAMP.
Aujain Eghbali presented The patentability of software and graphical user interfaces in Europe. Discussions and discussions ensued.
A lunch closed the meeting with the start-ups.

The CNCPI Delegation following the exchanges with the Representatives of the Korean Starts-up

November, 18, 2016 - Visit of the CNCPI Delegation to the French Embassy - Seoul

Following the meeting with the Korean start-ups, Anne-Catherine Milleron, International Delegate of INPI, based at the French Embassy in Seoul, invited the CNCPI Delegation for a visit.

Photo credit : Gilles Escudier
Idriss Sémaoune, Gilles Escudier, Anne-Catherine Milleron, Alain Michelet and Stève Félix