Message from the President

The French Patent and Trademark Attorneys Institute is the only recognized professional body and was set up by the Code of Intellectual Property. It is mandatory for all French Patent and Trademark attorneys to be a Member of the CNCPI

The CNCPI’s missions are several:

  • represent the patent and trademark attorney profession whether in its relations with the public authorities, national and international organisations, foreign professional bodies, representatives of the business community or the public at large
  • ensure that patent and trademark attorneys comply with the ethics and code of conduct of the profession
  • defend the interests of the patent and trademark attorney profession
  • develop and promote the profession and a “culture” of innovation and IP in France.

Membership of the CNCPI is a guarantee of professional quality, independence and ethics.


The Company

The French Patent & Trademark Attorneys are members of the French Patent & Trademark Attorneys Institute (CNCPI - Compagnie Nationale des Conseils en Propriété Industrielle)

Attorney’s Missions

The Patent and Trademark Attorneys are a liberal profession practicing for over 200 years. Their current status is ruled by French Law 90-1052 of November 26, 1990 and French Decree 92-360 of April 1, 1992.