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Who are we ?

IP Attorneys, Law and Technology Professionals,
European Experts at the heart of an International Network

IP Attorneys assist businesses and R&D centers in defining and implementing their offensive and defensive IP strategies.
As independent and highly qualified professionals, they are involved in obtaining, maintaining and defending IP and related rights (patents, trade marks, designs, know how, copyright, software, domain names, etc.) in France, Europe and worldwide.
IP Attorneys have developed close relations with their colleagues all over the world. These structured and organised networks mean that they are permanently informed of changes in foreign legislation and practice and in a position to meet the needs of businesses active in the international market.

A strategic role to play in a business’ expansion policy

In an increasingly competitive market, businesses need innovation to stand out and must use IP as development leverage.
In this environment, IP attorneys play a major role: they advise and assist businesses and other economic players in order that IP may become an integral and efficient part of their business strategy.
They are by their side in the main areas that give them a competitive edge: strategy (defining and implementing a policy for protecting and developing the value of intangible assets), law (preventing disputes, advising on litigation, inter alia in infringement matters), economics (due diligence, auditing and developing the value of IP portfolios at the European and International level (all aspects of IP Management in France and abroad).

A strictly regulated profession

Independent professionals, initially trained in engineering or in law and holding a specialised degree in IP, IP Attorneys necessarily:

 hold a national legal, scientific or technical diploma
 hold a diploma issued by the CEIPI (Center for International Studies in IP) or a diploma recognized as an equivalent
 have professional experience

IP Attorneys are independent professionals subject to regulations. As they are privy to highly confidential information on their clients’ behalf, they are subject to exacting ethical standards, implying inter alia attorney-client privilege.

The French Institute of Patent and Trademark Attorneys : aiming to encourage a “Culture of Innovation and IP”

The French Institute of Patent and Trademark Attorneys is the only professional body set up by the Code of Intellectual Property which represents all the French independent professionals practising on French territory.

The CNCPI’s missions are several:

  • represent the patent and trademark attorney profession whether in its relations with the public authorities, national and international organisations, foreign professional bodies, representatives of the business community or the publicat large 
  • ensure that patent and trademark attorneys comply with the ethics and code of conduct of the profession 
  • defend the interests of the patent and trademark attorney profession 
  • develop and promote the profession and a “culture” of innovation and IP in France by being a leading force in proposing and anticipating on such matters.

Membership of the CNCPI is a guarantee of ability, independence and ethics.

The registered office is located in the center of Paris
13 rue du Quatre septembre
75002 PARIS
33 1 53 21 90 89
33 1 53 21 95 90

E-mail : contact@cncpi.fr
Anne-Marie Morton : annemarie.morton@cncpi.fr
Caroline Sennedot : caroline.sennedot@cncpi.fr

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